Frequently Asked Questions

HealerPlus is a SaaS product designed for practice management, aimed at Healers and Alternative Medicine Practitioners.
HealerPlus is designed for healers, alternative medicine practitioners, and Eastern medicine practitioners.
HealerPlus streamlines appointment scheduling, patient management, billing, and team collaboration, improving overall efficiency and patient/client care.
HealerPlus offers appointment reminders, session management, treatment plans, team collaboration, patient management, payment notifications, document management, reports and analytics, online payments, billing management, and more.
Yes, HealerPlus allows you to manage multiple practitioners (we call it Team) within the same platform.
No, HealerPlus supports unlimited clients/patients.
HealerPlus ensures secure data storage with robust encryption and compliance with data protection regulations.
Yes, HealerPlus allows for the customization of treatment plans to suit individual patient needs. We support Recurring Treatments so you can schedule appointments in 1 click.
HealerPlus offers comprehensive support and training, including tutorials, customer support, and onboarding assistance. We offer 24x7 Live Chat Human Support.
You can get started by signing up on the HealerPlus website and following the onboarding process.
Yes, HealerPlus offers a free trial for new users.
No, you do not need a credit card to sign up for the free trial.
HealerPlus includes quick links for collecting and managing patient feedback to improve service quality, Where you can send a quick feedback link to your clients.
Yes, HealerPlus is accessible from mobile devices, ensuring flexibility and convenience but to use the full potential of HealerPlus use it on Laptop or desktop initially. We are also coming up with a Mobile App for Android and iOS soon :)
HealerPlus sends automated appointment reminders via email and WhatsApp to reduce no-shows.
We have very simple Pricing. You can use HealerPlus after trial for Rs. 799 per month and also add more Healers (therapists/practitioners/staff) at 499 per month per Team Member.
HealerPlus provides a secure document management system for securely storing important documents.
Yes, HealerPlus offers online payment processing, allowing you to accept payments securely and efficiently.
No, HealerPlus does not take any commission on payments received through the platform.